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Devoxx Greece 2024

Delighted to announcethe participation of the/experts as the exclusive premium coffee sponsor to the upcoming Devoxx Greece 2024 event, which will take place from 18 to 20th of Aprilin the Music Hall of Athens (Megaron Mousikis). Feel welcome to visit our specially designated coffee corner and engage with our team, while enjoying some premium coffee before your next session!

Furthermore, our colleague, Maik Kingma, has been selected as a speaker for the event to deliver his presentation of “IAM Doomsday Prepper: Surviving the Apocalypse with Keycloak”. A great opportunity to get a taste of the expertise of our team around Keycloack!

This session promises us valuable insights into Keycloak’s challenges associated with UI-based configurations and JSON imports, showcasing its contribution to bolster the security of applications and services for organizations demanding a centralized system for authentication and authorization.

Moreover, it will prove highly advantageous in identifying effective ways to use the Keycloak Java Admin Client to reduce errors, strengthen security, and streamline IAM infrastructure management. All the above is explored through practical examples and incorporates best practices, including version control, collaboration, and automated testing. This ensures that projects are properly equipped to meet the challenges in this swiftly evolving landscape of Identity and Access Management.

Looking forward to greeting you at our coffee corner in Devoxx Athens 2024!

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