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Instana and Performance expertise

Monitoring the performance of millions of orders and keeping up with rapid growth. Food delivery is big business at the moment, and has proven of the largest players in the market. Over the years, the company has shown a tremendous growth, taking over and fusing with other parties within the food delivery industry. Nowadays, millions of orders are placed through

All of these orders have to be processed by’s systems, and their customers all expect a smooth experience from start to finish. In order to guarantee a positive customer experience, several systems made up of dozens of microservices have to operate at top performance. A high standard has to be maintained, especially during the peak delivery hours, which poses quite the challenge.

How is able to monitor the performance of all these systems and microservices in real time? That is where Instana comes in! is one of the pioneers in this regard, being one of the first to implement (an early version of) Instana in order to keep track of the performance of all microservices within their application.

Choosing Instana 
We spoke with Leon Santing, Lead Platform at, about the decision to implement Instana, the benefits of Instana and their collaboration with Instana’s exclusive solution partner the/experts.

Leon explains: ‘When deciding on the right Application Performance Management (APM) tool, several factors weighed in. First of all, Instana offered a complete and very well rounded solution, offering insights in all the metrics we wanted to observe. In comparison to the possibilities offered by Instana’s competitors, Instana seemed way ahead of them in terms of options and functionalities. And lastly, Instana’s pricing is very reasonable, especially in regard to the completeness of their APM solution.’

The benefits of Instana for
With Instana, is able to effectively monitor the entirety of their microservices infrastructure. Leon: Our application is build up from many different systems, all working together in order to create a smooth user experience. And with so many orders being placed by our customers on a daily basis, it is essential to acquire the right metrics from all of these systems and microservices. Instana enables us to gain all the right insights by providing us with relevant data and showing the correlation between all performance aspects.’

When the process of placing an order is unnecessarily delayed, is able to trace and identify the root of the problem in an instant, all thanks to the implementation of Instana. What makes this even more important, besides the tremendous scale of’s operation, is the dynamic development of the company behind the scenes.

We have already seen’s rapid growth from a public perspective, and logically this also translates to a certain dynamic within the company itself. Leon explains how they keep on developing new solutions and accomplishments in short time, demanding a strong collaboration between all involved teams and departments.

With the implementation of Instana, they were able to decrease the workload for their developers regarding the monitoring and optimization of all of their microservices. That way, the development team is able to shift their focus to deve- loping new services and features, devoting less time to troubleshooting.

Are there any downsides to the implementation of Instana? Not according to Leon. He summarizes: “We are very satisfied with Instana; as a matter of fact, I can’t think of anything negative to mention about it!

Collaboration with the/experts
For the implementation and daily use of Instana, is supported by the/experts, the exclusive performance & monitoring partner of Instana. Leon appreciates the warm and informal contact with the/experts and values the practical tips and advices regarding their use of Instana.

He adds:

“The main aspect of the/experts support is focused on onboarding. They have been very helpful by providing several training sessions for new teams and colleagues , with up to 60 coworkers joining up for each session.

Within these onboarding sessions, the/experts explained all the essential tools and functionalities of Instana, enabling them to take full advantage of the program. I have heard a lot of positive chatter about these sessions from my colleagues!”


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