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Port of Rotterdam

the/experts developers making waves of innovation

HaMIS is the Harbour Master Management Information System for supervision and guidance of shipping and inland navigation in the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The team

HaMIS is being built by the/experts, among others. The development team of HaMIS is part of Port of Rotterdam (POR). The development team consists of a permanent core, supplemented by external capacity. the/experts has been involved in the new building from the start and now has more than 10 software experts with specialist HaMIS knowledge.

The project

HaMIS has been running for several years in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and the ambition is to roll it out in other ports as well. The themes for the coming period are, improving the architecture and further technical innovation. To properly address these themes, Port of Rotterdam is working closely with the/experts, due to its technology leadership.

Knowledge partner

the/experts bring technical expertise, and transfers it to other team members.

the/experts developers think outside their box.

‘They have a broad outlook and are not afraid to try new things. For the/experts, this is precisely the core of the work. They create support for new ideas and they know how to work this out to a common goal with results.’ said the Port of Rotterdam project management.

the/experts distinguishes itself from others in the field of knowledge and knowledge assurance and has developed into a knowledge partner.

Over 20% of the available time of all the/experts colleagues is invested in innovation and knowledge development.

POR benefits from this and endorses that this is the only way to stay ahead, with software experts, driven by passion.

Development project phase

the/experts is certainly considered a knowledge partner for future developments, making important choices. POR realises that working with flexibly deployable expertise, is the way to take the next steps.

“The flexibility and speed of the development process must be balanced with the extent to which team members feel and take responsibility for the whole.”


Our expert Alexandros will gladly tell you more.