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About the/experts

the/experts is an iconic IT organization. We are known for our unique approach and technical leadership in Software Craftsmanship.

Our emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and approaches guarantees heightened effectiveness and profitability for our clients.

By staying ahead in terms of knowledge and experience, we consistently provide high-quality software solutions for the future, leading to swift and optimal value generation.

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For years the IT Boutique

the/experts has a rich history and originated from codecentric. The commitment to develop from knowledge, innovation and expertise has made us the flexible IT Boutique for our relations and colleagues for over 13 years.

Whether on a consultancy basis or fully outsourced software development, we always expertise and value as a boutique.

Our vision

To remain a technical leader, it is important to continuously improve together. We do this by making time for personal and company growth, working on innovative developments, creating continuity and always delivering maximum value.

Our growth ambition results in the creation of critical mass and (financial) continuity through (project-based) cooperation, high-end consultancy, training courses and workshops and the development and implementation of products and solutions.