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Bring in the experts

the/experts is an iconic IT organization. We are known for our unique approach and technical leadership in Software Craftsmanship.

Our emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and approaches guarantees heightened effectiveness and profitability for our clients.

By staying ahead in terms of knowledge and experience, we consistently provide high-quality software solutions for the future, leading to swift and optimal value generation.

Software Development

Excellent software professionals continuously ensure knowledge transfer and rapid value development. From our proven Project Software Delivery model, we create total solutions. Cloud Native Software Development, Auditing, DevOps/QA set-up, test automation and performance are central to our services.


In the dynamic world of technology, it is essential for companies to constantly evaluate and optimise their IT infrastructure and processes. This is where the crucial role of IT audits comes in. At the/experts we understand better than anyone else how IT audits are the key to discovering hidden opportunities and minimising risks within your organisation.


Continuous insight into the health of software ensures maximum value conversion. With the right products as support, prevention and quick correction can be achieved. the/experts uses carefully selected and reputable software solutions to support total solutions.


Thinking outside the box

the/experts focuses on relationships that believe in and require high-quality software solutions.

Our technical leadership can be summarized in our Project Approach, Software Craftsmanship, Performance/Analytics, and Cloud Native software realizations, among others, always letting the core values prevail:

Customer Focus, Knowledge Leadership, Knowledge Sharing, Craftsmanship, Continuous Improvement, and Self Organizing.


in the Netherlands and Greece, we have the right professionals and comrades.

client satisfaction

we attain ongoing enhancement through various means, one of which involves measuring client satisfaction (CSAT).

innovation time

is set aside in the collective for innovation and development.


Join the/experts

Innovative organisation with a focus on realizing software in appropriate environments

With us, craftsmanship is a choice by investing 20% of all available time in innovation

We have a technical focus with a clear business understanding, we translate customer needs into realized software